Best selling! Elecrtro-Magnetic Pulse Therapy Massager


Product Description

Electro-Magnetic Pulse Therapy


Our best selling Low frequency Electron pulse magnet prostate massager 

Combine the wisdom of 2000 year old Chinese acupuncture principals and modern day western Physio therapy to promote and maintain healthy blood flow to the prostate and surrounding area. 

Electro-magnetic prostate massage therapy can reduce and relieve pain in the prostate. It also functions as an advanced stimulator to produce pleasant sensations and increase sexual sensitivity.

Prostate Massage can be a highly sensual experience that has been reported to;

. Permeate cell tissue

. Enhance the ion exchange within cells

. Normalize local circulation

. Increase oxygen flow within cells

. Reduce acute pain in the area

. Reduce inflammation of tissue and muscles

. Stimulate, increase, and rehabilitate general circulation

  and improve overall cellular functions

The visible effects of the therapy are comparable to localized, deep-tissue massage. 

When the pulse intensity is adjusted properly, the muscles near the applicator’s nodes may be seen to twitch in response to the electrical pulse. 

Both nodes on the device must be in contact with skin to complete a connection that passes the pulse along.

In outcome assessments, some patients report a preponderance of non-visible benefits, such relief from tension and other conditions, garnered by the action of electro-magnetic forces on the tissue and organs.

Users may gently tap or place the both nodes of the device against the leg muscles to test the depth of sensation produced by the machine. Select a comfortable degree of intensity for the pulse.